So much more than amazing ice cream…

Ahoy! The legendary Dribbles Ice cream of Scituate Harbor now has a sister store in North Scituate for your year-round enjoyment. The same scrumptious ice cream you’re accustomed to during the summer, can also be found at Dribbles, North Scituate, along with many new offerings. Dribbles North Scituate offers paninis, sandwiches, ice cream cakes and more. Come visit the year-round Dribbles location.

Quality Paninis and Sandwiches

Check out our menu of quality paninis and sandwiches, made from the finest ingredients and meats.

Over 2 Dozen Ice Cream Flavors

Choose from over two dozen traditional ice cream flavors for your cup, cone, sundae or frappe. Other enjoyable flavors include : pistachio, blue raspberry, s’mores and cake batter.

Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream

Premium Soft serve ice cream is also available in vanilla, chocolate and twists.

Ice Cream Cakes for Every Occasion

From our extended list of delectable ice creams, create your own custom ice cream cake or choose one of all ready hand-made cakes in our freezer.

Two Convenient Scituate Locations

We have two convenient Scituate locations; Dribbles North Scituate at 367 Gannet Road and Dribbles Scituate Harbor at 4 Brook Street.